Dylan Dauzat is taking the Entertainment Industry by storm as a renowned social influencer. Best known for his comedic YouTube videos and creative 6-second Vines, Dylan is now gaining esteem as a celebrity and creator for his uplifting content.


Hailing from a small town in the middle of Louisiana, Dylan found creating videos and writing scripts as a great way to express himself. He was able to transform his creativity through social media platforms to garner the attention of the masses. Since then, he has created unique content and partnered with some of the world’s largest brands. 


In addition to producing uplifting content, Dylan loves to meet and perform for his fans. It was after his first performance at a fan meet and greet that he instantly fell in love with performing. He attributes his continued love for this to, “the screaming and love of my fans reactions to meeting me, it gave me an adrenaline high that I am still hooked on to this day."