Chris Miles started rapping when he was just 10-years-old; now he’s touring the world and getting noticed by the likes of Chris Brown, 50 Cent and Mac Miller — and he hasn’t even graduated high school yet.


It all started in Miles’ bedroom, where the 16-year-old Long Island native recorded songs and uploaded them to YouTube. He was influenced by artists like Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake, and would eventually earn respect from some of his favorites. “When I was in school, I always felt like I was a little out of place. I felt like I never really fit in, so I just chilled by myself and just made music,” he says.


Miles used Twitter as his mouthpiece, blasting out links to his music to all who would listen. Chris found his first bit of viral success when his audition video for “America’s Got Talent” made its way across the web.


“I used to just be on Twitter, tweeting at random rappers,” he says. “Then one day I was going to catch the bus to school and I saw Chris Brown tweeted. People are ashamed to tweet their music out there, but I don't care, that’s just a way for me to put myself out there. these days that’s how you do it.”


The lyricism is something that fans of Chris’ four-part “80 Bars” song series have come to expect from him, but he Miles offers more than nimble-tongued raps these days.


“When I first started I was against singing. I thought I wanted to be a straight rapper,” Chris says. “And then as my place in music expanded I saw that it’s a whole new lane. It’s really cool. I actually discovered that I can hold notes and write melodies too.”


This year, Chris plans to release his solo debut with Atlantic Records where he will take the dream that started in his bedroom and share it with the world.